About us

Tale Thoughts - A tale of a slow journey into deep appreciation and unique attention to the beauty of imperfection & simplicity, returning to textures of the seaside and exquisite natural surroundings.
Founded by a band of two, the self-taught designer couple Sam & Herbie, in their tropical studio nestled in the picturesque south coast of Sri Lanka, where the ocean meets the jungle. 
Each piece is thoughtfully designed and hand carved in wax to create a unique cast, producing elemental & timeless jewelry, connecting with you like ancient amulets for current times. 
Here at Tale Thoughts we encourage slow fashion and a conscious purchase behaviour in order to avoid any unnecessary carbon footprint. Our focus is to keep things slow, ethical and most of all, sustainable. We work close to our craftsman who are certified to meet global standards in social responsibility, environmental management and workplace safety.
Our original handmade jewelry is known for a playful vivid feeling of endless summer and unique take into bringing you closer to nature and the senses/consciousness/perception of shapes and forms, which retain an organic and raw feeling to them.
Tale Thoughts is our passion alongside with riding waves and exploring cozy corners of our blue planet. All you can see here was entirely created by us, from carving and designing to styling and shooting alongside with every little branding detail.
We cherish every one of you and thank you for your support on our journey so we can keep on creating a never ending TALE here in Sri Lanka.