Our story

It began with a chance meeting and a desire to create meaningful, emotive jewelry, respective of mother earth.

Tale Thoughts was created by chance when Herbie and Sam's world collided while on holiday in Sri Lanka. The beginnings of Tale Thoughts started with a sentimental whale tail Sam craved out of wood as a gift to Herbie. This was the beginning of their story together as creators and business partners.

 The brand resonates with mother earth and is authentic in its tale of creation–from Sam's craftsmanship in hand-carving into wax every piece in the collection to Herbie's aesthetic touch–the desire to create treasured designs is felt in every aspect of the brand.

 Tale Thoughts is made of contemporary jewelry with a touch of art deco romanticism that embodies the founders profound connection to the ocean and love towards modern architecture and craftsmanship. Connection to earth and each other–raw emotion expressed through the creation of an object that is there to guide, protect and inspire the wearer to share their own tale of creation with the world.

We materialise the beauty we see in nature, art and in architecture and bring it to life in the form of jewelry. The tale of each piece is felt in the intricacies of the design and our creations speak of the present–capturing the allure of the past and future.

 Every hand-carved design is reflective of the shapes and textures we see in our worldly environment—this elicits an emotive response in the wearer. Each creation has touched, changed, and inspired us as creators and all who own a Tale Thoughts piece feel this too.